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Isaiah 62 Fast Update

On this Messianic Monday, I really need your prayers and wisdom. But first, let me share some good testimony. Yesterday, we had the culmination of the Isaiah 62 Fast, three weeks of prayer and fasting for Israel. It was a powerful series of meetings. We gathered on Saturday night for prayer at King of Kings Community in Jerusalem, and different leaders led in four-minute prayers. I have not experienced such power in corporate prayer in a while.

It just don’t rain in May!!!

God sent us a sign that he had heard our prayers. In Israel, we have a rainy season that begins in October and ends at the end of March. It simply doesn’t rain in late May. Yet, we had a downpour on Saturday in Jerusalem, and then on Sunday, when about 800 people had gathered on the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount, it rained the entire time—just a strong drizzle. In other words, strong enough to see it as a sign from heaven and not strong enough to stop the event.

About 800 people gathered to worship and pray for Israel at the closing ceremony.

The chances that it would just happen to rain on Shavuot/Pentecost, after three weeks of worldwide prayer and fasting, during a time that it never rains, must be seen as the hand of God. Rain in the Bible is a sign of revival and visitation:

“You heavens above, rain down my righteousness; let the clouds shower it down. Let the earth open wide, let salvation spring up, let righteousness flourish with it; I, the LORD, have created it.” (Is. 45:8)

“Be glad, people of Zion, rejoice in the Lord your God, for he has given you the autumn rains because he is faithful. He sends you abundant showers, both autumn and spring rains, as before.” (Joel 2:23)

The meeting ended with the Lord’s Supper and with people watching the live stream, on GOD TV and TBN. God only knows how many people participated.

Elana was Attacked!

Now to the not-so-pleasant side. When I arrived yesterday, there were no protesters. Elana decided to go pray at the Western Wall, about 100 meters away, but all those participating had to be in the venue early. She came about thirty minutes later and was visibly shaken. Apparently (and shockingly), the deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Aryeh King, called for orthodox Jews to come protest the event. [1]

I have no problem with protesters, but they got violent. Elana was pushed and punched as she entered the venue. She was stuck in a crowd militant, angry men for more than five minutes. She was wearing sandals, and they stomped on her feet. These are young men attacking a middle-aged woman! Finally, a tour guide and a police officer rescued her. This morning she could hardly move her neck and she doesn’t have feeling in one of her toes. She woke me up when she screamed from pain.

When I moved to Israel, I understood that opposition and persecution would come. I also understand that we are called to walk in love and forgiveness. We have already forgiven them. But in a democracy where people have rights, it is not acceptable to allow violence. There is forgiveness, and then there is accountability. Paul, who was willing to suffer persecution (Acts 20:22-24), used the Roman laws to keep from being flogged and beaten (Acts 22:25).

Please pray for her:

  1. Complete physical healing.

  2. Complete healing from trauma.

  3. That we would have wisdom regarding involving the police.

  4. That we would have the favor of the police, potential lawyers, and the court system here.

  5. That we would hear from God as to how we are to react.

As Elana recounted what happened to a friend, she broke down in tears and said, “When they were beating me, all I could think was how they beat Yeshua, and he loved them.” Yeshua’s response was, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Protests Continued

After we were on the southern steps, the protesters relocated about 200 yards away and proceeded to make noise for the next two hours. They blew shofars and yelled, “Missionaries, go home.” Beyond making the event a little bit more exciting, it had no real effect.

Over 100 protesters try to shout down the event for two hours with shofars and loudspeakers.

In fact, when we were taking the Lord's supper, I had my eyes closed. I was enjoying the presence of the Lord. I could hear the protesters all just screaming. For a few seconds, it sounded like a crowd of believers cheering for the Lord. I'm sure that was not their intention!

(At the time, I was not aware of how serious Elana has been attacked. She was sitting with a dear pastor friend, Chad Holland. It was only after the event that I fully understood how scary and dangerous it had been.)

Ron prays the Aaronic benediction (from Numbers 6) in Hebrew on the global broadcast with Asher Intrater, Ariel Blumenthal, and Avi Mizrahi.

I personally escorted Elana out halfway through the event. I wanted to make sure there were no protesters. As we got closer to the exit, the police were carrying away a young man in handcuffs. Elana pointed at him and yelled, “That’s him, that is one of those who beat me.” I ran up to them and asked the police officers to turn him around so I could take a photograph. Even though they did not, the young man turned around and looked at me as I photographed him. The strange thing is he looked oddly familiar, and instead of being angry, my heart just broke for him. He is clearly brainwashed, and it's the radical rabbis who sent him that are the real guilty ones.

I want to remind you that the vast majority of orthodox Jews would never embrace violence. But we do have a radical wing that has become more visible in recent years. Our present government is the most religious government in the history of Israel. But I know revival is coming. God heard our prayers over these past 21 days. Revival is surely coming.

[1] Interview on i24 with a different deputy mayor of Jerusalem Fleur Hassan-Nahoum.

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Yes, Lord. The revival is coming in Israel. Thanks. We proclaim of it.


Michelle Pia
Michelle Pia
Jun 05, 2023

Holy Spirit please inspire each word.

Dear Brother Ron,

I just wrote a whole message & it disappeared it did not get through! This is my 2nd attempt at giving this message to you. Please Almighty God protect & anoint each word in You please let it get through.

My heart was so grieved to hear of the attack on your beloved bride. I remember the attack on your dear daughter also. Brother the women of your house are greatly anointed (as are you) ! The attacks confirm this. No weapon formed will prosper- in fact what was meant to hinder harm & destroy will bless , save ,& draw many to the kingdom.

When your bride & daughter ar…


Bredda Fitz
Bredda Fitz
Jun 01, 2023

If they only knew what would bring them peace—but now it is still hidden from their eyes. Like Paul, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they be saved.


Bredda Fitz
Bredda Fitz
Jun 01, 2023

Father forgive them for they still know not what they do.


Lois Ocampo
Lois Ocampo
Jun 01, 2023

Praying for total healing for Elana! Thank you for your ministry and all you do for the Lord! God bless you and God bless Israel.

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