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Iran bans all use of Israeli technology — law could set country back decades

The Iranian parliament unanimously passed a law that bars use of any product that was invented in Israel or uses Israeli technology — and good luck with that as experts estimate it could set the Islamic nation back 50 years.

This boycott of Israel is enforceable by authorities. The regime called cooperation with Israel “equal to enmity towards God and corruption on earth,” and “activities of the Israeli software platforms in Iran and using its hardware and software products are forbidden.”

“Based on the first article of the bill, all Iranian bodies are required to use the country’s regional and international capacities to confront the Zionist regime’s measures,” said Iranian parliamentary spokesman Seyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini.

Saul Singer, who co-authored “Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle,” said Iran “would make North Korea look advanced and cosmopolitan.”

“Essentially, Iran would go back to the world of 50 years ago, maybe more. It would look like a huge Amish colony in Muslim garb,” he told Times of Israel. “It’s endless. If you count all the Fortune 500 companies that have critical development centers in Israel — including Siemens, an Iranian favorite, IBM, GE… — there’s not much left. I guess they would have to go back to pen and paper, horses, and home visits by doctors with stethoscopes and World War II-era hospitals.”

David Horowitz, editor of the Times of Israel, said the new law will likely “raise Iranian public disaffection with the repressive ayatollahs to new heights, and likely spell the demise of the brutal, rapacious and cynical regime.”

Meanwhile, Israel asked Twitter to immediately suspend the account of Iran’s supreme leader’s account on the social media platform after he called for the end of the “Zionist entity” … again.

“Examples of such include (Ayatolah Ali) Khamenei calling for the ‘elimination’ of the ‘Zionist entity’ while asserting the ‘Zionist regime is a deadly, cancerous growth,’ which must ‘be uprooted and destroyed,’” Strategic Affairs Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen wrote in a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. “He also compared Israel to the deadly coronavirus, ‘the Zionist regime is a reality that the region must come to terms with. Today the #Covid_19 is a reality; should it be accepted or fought?!… Zionism will be uprooted.”
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