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I have exciting news to announce about Shelanu!!

I have some incredibly exciting news to announce.

Shelanu TV is about to become an independent Israeli ministry!

When we launched Shelanu TV it was a ministry of GOD TV. If you’ve been on our mailing list for a few years, you will remember that we launched in April 2020. A year before that, I was called to a meeting with an executive of Israel’s largest TV provider—Hot Cable. As the GODTV Regional Director, they wanted me to bring GODTV in English on their network—and to pay them for that opportunity. I told him I was not interested.

When he inquired why, I told him because we are a Hebrew-speaking country. I jokingly suggested the idea of having a Hebrew-speaking Messianic station. Of course, I knew that that was an impossibility. There was no way that Israel was going to have a Messianic Hebrew-language channel on cable TV. But he said, “Let’s do it!” I tried to explain to him the absurdity of what he was suggesting, but he was determined.

A year later, we launched the first-ever Messianic, Hebrew-language cable channel in the history of Israel! And a few months later, we were kicked off the air! This was not unexpected. We knew that the religious establishment would never allow for this. So, we had already been planning to move from network television to our own Internet site as well as on social media.

Since that time, the good news of Yeshua, the Messiah has been going for 24-7 in the language of the ancient prophets. We have evangelists to engage people online. And we have many testimonies of people deeply impacted and coming to faith. We’ve even had many rabbis ask us to privately send them copies of the New Testament in Hebrew.

However, a few months ago, I was feeling that in order for us to reach our full potential, we needed to be a completely independent Israeli ministry—not part of an international organization. At the same time, GODTV CEO Ward Simpson was feeling the same thing. When we finally spoke about it, we were surprised that we were both fully convinced that this was the right direction. Understand, that without GODTV we never would’ve made it four years. And they still plan to support us in the future.

But as of now, it is on us to raise our budget. We do have some wonderful partners, in addition to GODTV, such as Al Hayet TV and their Director, Harun Ibrahim. Harun is an Arab believer from Israel and a powerful evangelist. In addition, Avi Mizrachi of Dugit Ministries in Tel Aviv and of course, Tikkun Global, where I have had my primary ministry relationships for almost 40 years, are also a part of Shelanu.

Honestly, our budget is not massive. We only need $500,000 a year. That pays our entire staff of six and covers our production budget. Messiah’s Mandate is committed to $120,000 if not more!

I know that many of you partner with us already. And many of you have stepped up to bless Israel in practical ways during this most difficult time of war. But there’s a spiritual battle going on as well for the souls of our people. We know that the Bible promises an End Times awakening here in Israel. I want to invite you to be part of this coming revival.

Moti is serving reserves duty, where God is using him to bless Israel and share the good news of Yeshua!

One of the things we are most proud of is that we give other believers a platform to share the message of Yeshua through music, teaching, interviews, and testimony. Recently, one of our primary presenters and evangelist, Moti Cohen, had to report for duty because of the war. Several people recognized him from his videos on Shelanu.

Moti told me recently a story about when going to the grocery store for his family.

In Israel, when you sometimes enter a parking lot, there is a security guard to inspect your car. The guard —an Ethiopian Jew—stopped Moti’s car and asked, “From where do I know you?”

Moti responded, “I come here a lot… Maybe you have seen me?”

The Ethiopian Jewish man said, “No, I know you from YouTube!”

“So I told him that I teach about Yeshua and the New Testament on our TV channel. In the meantime, the drivers behind were getting mad and honking, but the guy asked me to stay,” Moti said. “He told me that he already believes, and he sees the videos all the time. He wants me to immerse him in water. We exchanged numbers. Pray for Baruch!”

So friends! Now is the time. Help us raise $120,000 to keep Shelanu on the air!

Thank you! 

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