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Humanitarian aid arrives in Gaza

A delegation from Qatar delivered $15 million in relief funds for Palestinians living in Gaza on Sunday in an effort to relieve the humanitarian crisis there and promote ceasefire efforts. Qatar also transferred some $10 million to Israel to buy fuel for Gaza’s power plant.

Envoy Mohammed Al-Emadi is planning to meet with Hamas officials and to personally deliver some of the money to Gaza residents. According to a United Nations report, 53 percent of Gazans live in poverty and 80 percent depend on international aid. In addition, electric, sewage and water supplies in the coastal enclave suffer from an unreliable infrastructure.

Hamas, the terrorist organization running the Gaza Strip, said that the arrival of Qatari officials this week marks the beginning of implementing an advanced stage of internationally brokered ceasefire agreements between Israel and Gaza. According to Hamas, these understandings include improvements to Gaza’s infrastructure and expanding the fishing zone off of Gaza which Israel agreed to. In addition, Israel’s national water company Mekorot, has already begun working on an upgraded pipeline that will increase the flow of drinkable water into Gaza. Currently, three pipelines from Israel carrying freshwater into Gaza. The new pipeline will be the largest.

“Water is a basic thing. There’s an entire population in Gaza that doesn’t want war with Israel, and that population is the majority that is being controlled by Hamas,” one pipeline employee told Ynet. “It’s a shame that’s the situation. Most of the people in Gaza are thirsty for water, but also hunger for a normal life and a better future for their children. They’re our neighbors, despite everything, and we can’t ignore what’s happening there.”

The construction is taking place under heavy guard in fears that terrorists in Gaza may open fire on the crews.

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