Hostile Mob Tries to Harm Israel’s Ambassador to the UK After Speech

Tzipi Hotovely, Israel’s ambassador to the UK and a former deputy foreign minister in the Netanyahu administration, delivered a speech at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE) last week. The talk itself was reportedly well-received, although some students reportedly gasped when she shared the truth about war with Hamas and how civilians are used as human shields (and how the IDF has to respond). The real fireworks erupted when Ambassador Hotovely left the building and made her way to her vehicle. Her security detail had to shield her, while police strained to hold back a violent, aggressive mob as they tried to rush her car.

Protestors yelled, “aren’t you ashamed,” called Israel a “terrorist state,” and chanted “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” (the not-so-veiled threat to annihilate Israel). The mob was a mix of people from Palestinian and Islamic societies at various London universities. Online, the groups had called for Hotovely’s car windows to be smashed and “let’s make her shake.”

Hotovely is no fryer (see blog on fryer). I've met her on several occasions and had the privilege of interviewing her about three years ago. She bases her opinions about the Jewish nation on the Bible. I remember that she closed the interview by looking into the camera and inviting people to come see prophecy coming to pass before their eyes in the nation of Israel.

After Hotovely exited the building in the chaos, Jewish students who had attended the talk were frightened they might be targeted by the crowd, so they tried to conceal their kippahs (head coverings).

While several British politicians spoke out against the violence, calling the actions of the protestors “deeply disturbing” and “unacceptable,” it is, unfortunately, a growing occurrence for Jewish leaders (or anyone) who hold beliefs like Hotovely—foremost of which is that Jewish people have the right to exist and to have the land of Israel.

The LSE Student Union’s Palestinian Society accused Hotovely of “anti-Palestinian racism, Islamophobia and war crimes, as well as actively facilitating apartheid and settler-colonial occupation.”

While hatred from Palestinian and other Islamic groups is not that surprising, what WAS unsettling was the presence of JEWS in the mob, hurling insults at Hotovely!

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and Na’amod (British Jews Against Occupation) vehemently oppose Israel and its policies. JVP accuses Israel of “racial chauvinism and religious supremacism.” Na’amod has campaigned to get Hotovely banned from speaking to groups—even in synagogues. Na’amod has condemned her for “Nakba denial” (the Palestinian claim that Israel’s statehood was a “catastrophe”).

There is no question that the recreation of the state of Israel was very difficult for Arabs who lived in the region. But they fail to remember that Israel reached out with an olive branch to not only the Arab nations that surround her but the Arabs who were living in what would become Israel. That olive branch was rejected, and five Arab nations attacked Israel.

In addition, the leaders of these nations called for the Arabs living in Israel to leave the country briefly, while they destroyed the Jewish nation. The United Nations had offered to create both a Jewish nation and an Arab nation in the region, but the Arabs rejected it (the Jews accepted it, even though it meant giving up on the Old City of Jerusalem). In other words, there did not need to be war and it did not have to become “Nakba” (catastrophe) to the Arabs.

Lastly, most historians fail to mention the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were expelled from Arab countries, in light of the rebirth of Israel. In most cases, they were not allowed to take their money with them. Over 100,000 Jews left Iraq and had to leave behind some $30 billion in assets. But we don't whine and complain about that, instead we continue to build our nation and have become one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.

Over the last two years especially, we have watched antisemitic threats increase rapidly—and apparently, the threats are no longer just coming from the Arab world, but much of the Western world sees Israel as an oppressive, imperialistic power.

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