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Historic First—Ocean Wave Power Will Soon Be Supplying Israelis with Electricity

Tel Aviv-based Eco Wave has signed an agreement with Israel Electric Company (IEC) to supply Israeli homes with electricity generated from ocean waves. The company becomes the first of its kind to join Israel’s power grid. Eco Wave Power’s technology harnesses the motion of waves to produce clean energy.

Eco Wave has an energy station in Tel Aviv’s Jaffa port. The company claims that the power generated by capturing wave energy can generate twice as much electricity as the world produces now through fossil fuels, nuclear, solar, and wind.

Eco Wave was founded in 2011 by 24-year-old Inna Braverman, who was born in Ukraine just two weeks after Chernobyl and suffered from the effects of the fallout in the air. Eco Wave is innovative in its approach to harnessing the power of the sea. While many companies are working to generate power out at sea and then transfer it back to shore, Eco Wave has developed an onshore mechanism. The company attaches floating devices to artificial structures such as jetties, piers, and breakwaters—the natural rise and fall motion creates the energy—with no air pollution, something very important to Braverman because of her childhood.

“Eco Wave Power is committed to making a positive change in the world, and we can’t wait to turn the switch on…at the Port of Jaffa.”

Eco Wave also plans to set up other energy ports worldwide. One is in the works already in Los Angeles—“believed to be the first-ever onshore wave energy station” in the US. In addition, the company has agreements for wave projects in Turkey, Spain, and Portugal.

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