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Held Hostage for Yeshua

Tikva was one of 12 children in a strict Orthodox Jewish family. Her parents had immigrated from Iraq and settled in Jerusalem. Tikva loved the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but felt like there was still a void in her life.

Through high school and her service in the army, Tikva searched for meaning in all the world had to offer. Until one day, on the beach in southern Israel, when someone handed her a New Testament…

Watch this powerful video of her testimony as she shares her encounter with Yeshua ben David (Jesus, Son of David) and being held hostage by her family because they thought she had joined a cult.

This video is one of many that have been produced by our team at Shelanu TV thanks to the generous support of people like you. Tikva's testimony video - like all our programming - is in Hebrew on Shelanu.

All day, every day, Shelanu is sharing videos, shows, music, and more about the Jewish Messiah Yeshua with Israelis, all in Hebrew.

Please consider making a donation today or perhaps becoming a monthly supporter of Shelanu.

Together, we can reach millions of Israelis like Tikva with the GOOD NEWS that Yeshua is the Messiah.

Until all Israel is saved (Rom. 11:26),

Ron Cantor

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Miriam Jacobs
Miriam Jacobs
Apr 25, 2023

This was lovely! I’ve done worship dance with Tikva in Jerusalem. It was great to hear her testimony!


ed barnes
ed barnes
Apr 21, 2023

💗JUST AMAZING=== she mentioned my Favorite Isaiah 53-- her english is Very Good💗-------- yes-- " if they hated me they will hate you also "-- the persecution is Not Good=== Praise Yeshua HaSeh ve HaMelech


Apr 18, 2023

I remember when testimonies and events like this were very rare in the late 80s. As one Hebrew teacher once said, there's always that little green plant that pops up through concrete or tar no matter hard we try to stop anything from growing through it. After seeing this and listening to testimonies of former muslims becoming redeemed in jails in muslim countries, it seems that these testimonies even in the most unlikely places are becoming common place.


Ronnie Dauber
Ronnie Dauber
Apr 18, 2023

This is a powerful testimony! Praise God! I pray that God will continue to teach her and give her the strength and ability to tell this Truth to other Jews who desperately need to hear it. Thanks for sharing this! God bless you.

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