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Hamas Rocket Injures Seven in Central Israel

About 10 days ago Tel Aviv sirens rang out and people scurried for cover. Two rockets had been shot from Gaza to Tel Aviv. It marked the first time in five years that the terrorists has been so brazen as to target Israel’s largest population center.

Hamas later claimed it was a “mistake.” At the very time that Hamas was negotiating with Egypt, someone hit the wrong button and walla…rockets were flying. The Egyptians were furious. But then again, low lever Hamas operatives are not exactly MIT material. The “accident” theory was plausible.

Rocket Flies Past Tel Aviv

But then this morning, another rocker flew past Tel Aviv and made a direct hit on a building in the Sharon plains town of Mishmeret. The rocket slammed into a building and seven people were injured. A dog belonging to one of the families was killed.

This attack on Mishmeret, located over 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the Gaza Strip, was the farthest reaching rocket attack from the enclave since the 2014 Gaza war. The distance of the attack and significant damage caused by the impact indicated that it was conducted by one of the larger terror groups in Gaza — either the Strip’s de facto rulers Hamas or the Iran-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad — who have access to the types of long-range projectiles with heavy warheads necessary for such an attack. Times of Israel

Distraction from the Golan Heights Recognition?

The IDF is sure to respond this morning, and will not accept the excuse, again, that it was a mistake. Hamas knows that Prime Minister Netanyahu is in the United States for AIPAC and that President Trump plans today to recognize the Golan Heights as belonging to Israel. Many have said that the recognition amounts to nothing, but if so, why all the outrage? I made short video yesterday about this.

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