Hamas/Israel War Analysis

Updated: May 26

by Asher Intrater

Asher Intrater is the president of Tikkun Global where I served as CEO and where I currently serve on the executive team. Asher has great insight into the conflict.

There were tensions and conflicts in Israel during the first three weeks of May, including Ramadan fasting, incitements on Temple Mount, the Sheikh Jarrah dispute, the PLO cancelling elections to block Hamas gains, and the lack of a stable government in Israel.

Hamas opened fire, shooting 150 missiles into Israel at 6:02 pm on Monday, May 10. This brought a strong Israeli military response. Cease fire was declared on May 20.

The conflict caused other tensions and violent demonstrations within Israel between Arabs and Jews, as well as an onslaught of bitter media attacks against Israel around the world.

Here are some statistics at the end of the fighting:

  1. 4400 rockets fired toward Israel from Gaza, 20% approximately fell within Gaza, 90% of those crossing into Israel were intercepted.

  2. 100 kilometers of the "Metro" underground terror bunkers inside Gaza were destroyed.

  3. Over 200 Gazans were reported killed, including 63 innocent children, and a majority of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists, among them 25 of their top leaders.

  4. 675 Rocket launching sites of various types and levels in Gaza were destroyed.

  5. 35 buildings used by Hamas were destroyed.

  6. Various Hamas and Jihad training camps and weapons development sites were destroyed.

  7. 12 Israelis were killed by Hamas rocket attacks: 1 Indian, 2 Arabs, 2 Thai workers, 5 Jews.

Here are some points for consideration in light of media attacks on Israel:

  1. Israel did not want this war; it was started by Hamas.

  2. Palestinian suffering is enormous. It is heartbreaking.

  3. Israelis also suffered greatly in this conflict, mostly because of disruption of life, trauma and fear. The overall damage to the Palestinians was greater.

  4. We have totally equal compassion for all people suffering on both sides.

  5. The conflict is not between Jews and Arabs, as racists on both sides would try to claim. (Actually, within Israel many of the Arabs and Jews live together in very friendly cooperation; and Israeli Arabs have high positions in medicine, parliament, business, judicial - including a Supreme Court Justice.)

  6. The conflict is not even from Muslim countries toward Israel, as Israel has peace with several Muslim nations, notably Egypt and Jordan. The conflict is based in the hatred of Islamic extremist groups toward Israel (and toward Christian Arabs).

  7. The conflict was started by the terrorist organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who along with other Islamic extremist groups like Hizballah, ISIS and the Ayatollah regime in Iran, proudly proclaim their goal of the total destruction of Israel.

  8. The claim that Israel desires genocide of Palestinians is patently untrue. There has never been any government statement to that effect. Nor is it the sentiment of the vast majority of the Israeli public.

  9. Quite the opposite is true: the genocide of Israel is clearly called for by all the Islamic extremist groups.

  10. The 100% goal of every missile shot into Israel was aimed at injuring or killing Israeli citizens.

  11. The 100% goal of every Israeli army attack was to avoid civilians and only re