Hamas agrees to ceasefire with a two-month deadline before resorting to violence again

After a month of rockets attacks and hundreds of arson balloons that ravaged southern Israel causing fires and damaging property, Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire but with a two-month deadline before another escalation in violence.

Despite the fact that many are saying that Hamas lost this round with is Israel, senior Hamas official Khalil al-Hayya said “Our finger is steady on the trigger. Our demand is for the occupation to follow all of prior agreements without procrastinating or delay. We will give the occupation two months, and we will monitor its behavior in implementing projects and bringing in other projects.” But in truth, Israel’s pinpoint attacks against Hamas targets wore the terrorist group down.  

The truce, mediated by Qatar, brought $30 million in aid to Gaza. Hamas Gaza chief Yahya Sinwar’s office announced that the terror group had accepted ceasefire terms on Monday, while Israel responded by lifting restrictions imposed on the coastal enclave since the latest round of violence began.

Qatari envoy Mohammad al-Emadi said he will bring in more than half of the promised aid now and the rest by the end of this month.

Hamas claimed its “resistance was able to force the enemy to accept its conditions,” analyst Khaled al-Najjar said.

But IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Hidai Zilberman credited the ceasefire to Israel’s strong military response, sanctions such as border closings and restrictions on the fishing area off the coast.

“At the end of the day, the strikes, sanctions, corona and money is what brought them to make their statement,” the spokesperson said.

In the past three weeks, the Israel Defense Forces struck 100 Hamas targets in response to attacks from the Strip.

“Over the last weeks, Hamas launched rockets, explosive and arson balloons from the Gaza Strip at Israeli civilians. In addition, a number of violent riots were instigated along the Gaza Strip security fence,” the IDF said in a statement. “In response, the IDF struck approximately 100 military targets belonging to Hamas during 19 nights.”

The targets included weapons-manufacturing and armament posts, underground workshops and infrastructures, a number of military compounds, aerial platforms for drones and anti-aircraft missile equipment, a number of military naval targets and over 20 observation posts, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“The strikes of these terror sites constitute a significant blow to Hamas’ terror infrastructure and force generation capabilities,” the military said, adding that “the IDF is ready to operate as necessary in order to defend Israeli citizens living in the Gaza envelope and in southern Israel.”

While many of the arson balloons slipped through and landed in Israel causing fires and damage, Israel’s newly deployed “Lahav Or” (Light Blade) laser system managed to shoot down nearly 100 percent of the balloons that crossed over the Gaza border into Israel in its zone.

Image by hosny salah from Pixabay

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