Hamas "Academic" Guns Down 1, Injures 3 in Terror Attack in Jerusalem

Another Massive Terror Attack Thwarted by Israeli "FBI"

On Sunday, Eli Kay, 26, was shot dead, and four others were wounded near the Western Wall by a Hamas gunman from East Jerusalem. Kay was on his way to the Western Wall, where he was employed as a tour guide. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack by 42-year-old Fadi Abu Shkhaidem, who was disguised as an ultra-Orthodox worshipper and opened fire at close range with an automatic weapon near the Chain Gate.

Kay had immigrated to Israel a few years ago from South Africa. He lived in Modiin (the city at the heart of the Maccabee Revolt and part of the Hanukkah story) and had served as a "lone soldier" (an immigrant without family members in the country) in the Israel Defense Forces Paratroopers Brigade until August 2019. Kay's older and younger brothers had also served as "lone soldiers."

Thousands of mourners gathered for Kay's funeral on Monday.

"Eli's story is the story of Israel at its best," Diaspora Affairs Minister Nachman Shai said. "Israel thanks you today. Israel promises to fight terror every day, every hour. We promise to grow…to flourish, so that this place will always be a home for the people of Israel."

Kay was engaged to be married next year, and last December, the rest of his family had joined him in Israel when his parents and younger sister made Aliyah. One of his grandfathers was Rabbi Shlomo Levin, a senior rabbi at a prominent Orthodox synagogue in London.

Police responded in 32 seconds to the incident in the Old City, and Abu Shkhaidem was killed after a short gun battle. It appears that he acted alone; however, his wife was questioned regarding her possible involvement after returning from Jordan to see her ailing mother just prior to the terror attack. Some sources have reported that Abu Shkhaidem's wife alleged he was violent toward her and other family members.

Abu Shkhaidem was supposedly in the academic part of Hamas and not the military. He taught Islam in a school in the refugee camp of Shuafat. Hamas said it was the "price" for Israel's actions in Jerusalem. Just so we are clear: Israel never targets civilians, Hamas always targets civilians and even uses their own civilians “in the service of Allah” as human shields, hoping to make it appear that Israel is targeting civilians.

A day after the attack, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency, our FBI) announced they had successfully disrupted and dismantled a massive Hamas terror network in the West Bank. Around 50 cell members were arrested for planning to carry out terror attacks and suicide bombings in Israel and the West Bank. The network was evidently masterminded by a Hamas operative living abroad in Turkey, according to reports. The Shin Bet, IDF, and Israel police work together on the bust. During the raid, agents seized weapons and explosives.

Last Friday, the UK said it planned to designate Hamas as a terror organization. Previously, the UK had considered only the military branch of Hamas as a terrorist group. They will now treat the entire organization—keep in mind that the man who opened fire and killed Kay was part of the "academic" branch of Hamas—as a terrorist group. There is no difference between terrorists and the politicians behind them.

Israel Foreign Minister Yair Lapid urged the entire international community to act against Hamas. "The nations of the world must act as Great Britain did and outlaw Hamas. Hamas's offices in Istanbul must close. We need to prevent these criminal acts of terror against Israeli civilians."

On Wednesday, Australia announced they were designating ALL of Hezbollah (another Iran-backed terrorist group based in Lebanon)—the military and the political branches—as a terrorist organization. Australia joins 17 other countries—including the US and the UK—that have outlawed Hezbollah.

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