[Guest Blogger] The ‘Man of Steel’ Is Half-Israeli

From Ron: This is a guest post by my friend and podcast co-host, Chaim Goldberg. Chaim is an Emmy award winning producer and excellent writer. Follow him at @ChaimGoldberg.

This weekend, the blockbuster new ‘Superman’ film ‘Man of Steel’ is opening around the world. But, unfortunately it’s destined to be a flop – because billions of Israel-haters across the globe are obligated to boycott it.

After all, the actress playing Superman’s birth-mother is Ayelet Zurer. Zurer is an Israeli movie star, born in Tel Aviv. That’s got to be enough for BDS’ers.

What’s that, not familiar with BDS’ers? Well, allow me to explain.

B-D-S is the acronym for the ‘Boycott, Divest and Sanction’ movement which encourages everyone, everywhere, to have nothing to do with Israel, until all the Jews leave and give the country to the Palestinians.


It’s a global movement that’s been going on for years. It’s made up of fanatical activists in nearly every country, who picket outside of Israeli-owned companies, or just companies that do any business with Israel. They storm into concerts by Israeli musicians, wherever they happen to be performing around the world. They lobby lawmakers to label any goods produced in Israel, so people will know ‘not’ to purchase them. They urge artists not to do shows in Israel. They petition universities not to partner with Israeli institutions, and on and on and on. You get the point.

They hate Israel. Period.

But the good news for us, who love Israel, is that:

a] these people are too ignorant to really run an effective and impacting campaign b] they’re too hypocritical to really follow through on the goals of their campaign c] they haven’t read the Bible, and so they don’t know about God’s un-breakable promises to Israel

It’s letter ‘b’ that really entertains me the most. Because for all their bluster and hate-ranting, these guys can’t or won’t stick to their beliefs.

You know they’re all going to see Superman this weekend, you just know they are. (by the way, I checked the website and the film opens in Egypt, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates on Friday June 14th – so get your tickets now…I mean, ‘don’t’ get your tickets now).

You know that the BDS’ers also saw the Star Wars prequel trilogy, even though Queen Amidala was played by another Israeli-born actress, Natalie Portman.

How cool is that, Israeli women are both the Queen of Star Wars and Superman’s mom!