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Great Report from Pastor Mike Moses from Nigeria

Here is the latest report from Pastor Mike Moses. Pastor Mike is ‘our man in Africa’ who works tirelessly so we can bring a team from Israel to reach the people of Nigeria. He has been in Hong, Nigeria for two weeks working on initial preparations:

The preparation for the Hong Gospel Campaign is on! Mobilization and utilization of leaders across the campaign catchment areas is in high gear. Hundreds of leaders came to our introductory lunch in Hong for the “Campaign for Yeshua” from several locations within the zones. The excitement for Messianic Evangelist Ron Cantor’s coming with a team from Israel to Hong, Nigeria is very high—especially because of experience with him and the team during the Gombi Campaign for Yeshua, where we saw over 100,000 decisions for Yeshua. That has caused them to believe and expect that this time is going to be great, by the Grace of God.

Pastors and leaders gather for the MMI sponsored luncheon and preperation meeting. Spirits are high in Hong!

Their expectations in terms of salvations, healings and miracles are very high all over the place. We have appointed members of the Central Working Committee that will manage the various segments of the campaign. Already we had our first meeting with the CWC on January 2nd, 2011 in which we have agreed to start prayers for the success of the campaign. We have a target of 100,000 people in a single meeting during the Campaign with morning sessions for Pastors and Church Leaders who will in turn follow up the new believers after the campaign.

We are working to see that people from villages and cities like Song, Dumne, Gombi, Gaanda, Fotta, Gabun, Garkida, Garaha, Gaya, Pella, Dakza, Maiha, Mararaba, Mubi, Hildi, Uba, lassa, Kala’a, Bangshika, Uding, Dabna and other areas near Hong come to the campaign.

(From Ron: Many will come for the 5-day campaign and simply live on the campaign grounds in tents. Like in the New Testament, when people hear of the miracles that Yeshua does, the hopeless come with hope and the sick come expecting to be healed.)

We also expect people from Yola the state Capital of Adamawa. From December 17th until January 3rd I have been on this assignment here in Hong and surrounding areas and with your prayers and support I believe hell will be depopulated in this Campaign. Thanks, Shalom

Pastor Mike Moses

Yola, Nigeria

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