Gombi Trip Update 4

Dear Friends,

Last night we ministered to a packed house with about 100 people in chairs outside the building. The worship was the most alive I think I have ever seen. Everyone was dancing and celebrating. Before we walked in, Freddie and I were given white handkerchiefs. I wasn’t quite sure why until we entered the sanctuary of the SPIRIT LIFE POWER EMBASSY. As they danced, everyone waved their handkerchiefs, Others were blowing whistles. Everyone was worshipping. It was intense.

Before I preached Freddie led them in a song he wrote called Yeshua Moshia (Jesus, Savior) in Hebrew. They loved it! The pastor got up and continued singing the chorus in Hebrew!

Afterwards I preached a message on the Power of the Gospel to Set Men Free. I used a set of prison keys that many you have seen (from my last newsletter) to illustrate that Yeshua has the keys to set us free. At the end of the message Pastor Zaki took my keys! He said, “We are taking Ron’s keys and putting them in a special place here to symbolize the power of God.” Well, I really liked my keys, and hoped to keep using them here, but how I could say no. It so fits their vision as their original name was FREEDOM CHAPEL. Pastor Zaki is a senior man in the city and his church has grown rapidly over the past year.

Tonight we minister in another local church and then in the morning, we head to Gombe. I will be teaching a pastors’ seminar on Israel. I am blessed to see that despite being many Muslims in the areas, the Christians love Israel.

Rev Mike Moses has arranged for us to stay with the Chairman of the domestic airport in Abuja on our way home. Sunday night we will fly from Yola to Abuja and stay there until the next day and then fly back to Israel. This is very a strategic connection as we nearly missed our flight to Yola because they overbook this flight routinely. In December we will have 15-20 Israelis with us. We need to make sure that we make our flight. This man runs the airport! He is also a pastor and is supportive of our effort.

Prayer Focus: Please pray that this man will receive us and help us to make sure we have excellent transit inside of Nigeria when we return with the team.