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Gazans appear to tire of Hamas corruption

As Hamas forces young Palestinian men to protest against Israel at the Gaza border every week, many Gazans are growing weary of Hamas’ iron rule which results in their children being injured or killed in these protests without financial reward or medical expenses being covered.

In fact, many Gaza citizens are starting to wonder aloud where all the millions of dollars brought in by the Qatari government have gone while they are starving.

Of the thousands of Palestinians that have been injured during the weekly protests at the border over the past year and a half, most of them are teenagers who sustained life-altering injuries. One photo making the rounds among Palestinians shows eight Palestinian young people who have had their legs amputated juxtaposed next to a photo of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh’s six sons who are all healthy and wearing tailored suits.

There is no question that the two greatest enemies to the Palestinian people are neither America nor Israel. It is the corrupt Palestinian Authority, that has been known to siphon off millions of dollars from Palestinian aid. However, Hamas was thought to be more “moral” when they came to power in Gaza more than a decade ago. It wasn’t long before they began to play the same game. It is fact: the suffering in Gaza is because of their corrupt, murderous leadership.

Then there is a recording that has been made public of a bitter and bereft father whose wounded son was left in the middle of the street after a protest at the border fence.

“If it were the son of one of the Hamas leaders, he wouldn’t be thrown out in the street with a bullet in his leg. I was told I needed to provide his medicine out of my own pocket. If he were the son of one of the Hamas higher-ups, the whole world would have given aid.”

The father accuses Hamas of corruption and of using the Qatari money for themselves.

“Let the heads of the Hamas come and see my son, only yesterday they received the Qatari money, and what did they do with it? They split the money among themselves.

“Where am I supposed to get money for medicine from? They told my boy to get on the bus and protest, and then they threw him out to die.”

Another video on social media shows a father beating his wounded son as he’s getting out of an ambulance, apparently upset that he went to protest.

Hamas has honored those injured at special events, but even these meager shows of appreciation are now subject to ridicule. A post on social media shows one of the Hamas events with the wry caption, “Go to the Gaza fence, take a bullet, lose a leg, earn fifty bucks!”

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