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I was on my way to Nigeria. I didn’t want to go, even though it was privileged opportunity to see the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke, as he and his team would minister to hundreds of thousands. Still, I wanted to be home with my family in Israel.


It was at that moment, somewhere between Ethiopia, where I had landed that morning,and Nigeria, that the Lord told me that He had a plan and that he would open a door. At that time, I did not know that a year later we would be leading our own outreach from Israel, with over a dozen Israelis, see amazing healings and miracles and tens of thousands of profession of faith.

Listen to the testimony below to hear the whole story. Just click the little arrow on the bottom left. A player will open up at which you can listen, download to your computer or email to a friend.

If you would like to take advantage of an amazing opportunity to both see Israelis discipled in an atmosphere of revival, healing and mass salvation, as well as see thousands of Nigerians receive Yeshua, partner with us in our next campaign. Click the image below.

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