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Floors of Israelis Shaking as Hamas Digs Tunnels Under Them

You are Israeli. You are eating dinner with your family. Suddenly the floors start shaking. Your son ask you, “Dad, what is that? Why is the food moving on the table?” Do you tell him? “Avi, that is just Hamas rebuilding tunnels so they can attack us here in the kibbutz [i].”

Shaking Floors

That’s right. Residents of Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip “complained that tunnel digging into Israel from Hamas-run territory has come so close to their homes that it has caused their floors to shake.” (

Stealing From Their Own People… Again

This came to light about a week ago on several television news shows and, until just a few days ago, our government had done little to stop it. Hamas is digging tunnels into Israel—by the way, using materials that are supposed to go to rebuilding the city—in order to carry out terror attacks and we are doing almost nothing to stop them. Hamas is taking the 3.5 million tons of building materials donated to the people of Gaza and instead of rebuilding homes (the intended purpose of the aid), they are building terror tunnels into Israel. The E.U., which often criticizes Israel when a Palestinian stubs his toe, has been largely silent in condemning Hamas.

Iran confirmed the resumption of tunnel digging by posting a video Sunday of a Hamas terrorist in one of the tunnels, boasting that it is 3.5 kilometers long and goes into Israel. The Iran report was clear, celebrating the intended goal of the tunnel—to carry out acts of terror.

The Israeli Left Demands Action

Only after massive criticism from the left-leaning opposition here in Israel, as well as a national outcry for the Netanyahu government to act, did the government begin to do something. Well, we assume it is the government—it may just be the hand of God.

Major General Yoav Mordechai warned Hamas today of consequences if the terror tunnel digging continues, “The tunnels that Hamas is digging will bring disaster to the Gaza Strip. They are tunnels of death.” (

IDF or the Hand of God?

This week three different tunnels collapsed on terrorists. Two terrorists have been confirmed dead and eight others missing. A week ago seven terrorists were crushed to death as a tunnel collapsed upon them. Ironically, as 250,000 Gazans came out to honor the dead terrorists at their funerals, a roof collapsed as several young men were standing on it, injuring many more.  (Video below)

It is unclear if these tunnels collapsed on their own, due to rains (as Hamas claims) or because of action from the IDF.

“When asked whether or not Israel has had a hand in the collapse of the terror tunnels in recent weeks, [General] Mordechai responded saying ‘God only knows.’” (

This is a serious escalation and despite the fact that the Islamic terror problem is growing globally, the E.U. still sees Hamas as a legitimate representative government of the Palestinians in Gaza. Instead they should be viewed just like ISIS. Silly western cowards believe the Hamas rhetoric and not their actions. Today Hamas denied that it has any interest in renewing the fight with Israel.

If that is true, then why is Avi’s kitchen table shaking?

[i] a communal settlement in Israel, typically a farm

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