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Flare-up in Gaza-Israel Tensions, Uncertain Ceasefire Holding

Over a 24-hour period, Tuesday to Wednesday this week, terrorists in Gaza fired more than 100 rockets toward Israel, and Israel responded with 16 strategic airstrikes. An ill-defined ceasefire has now been called.

The escalation began after Israel announced the death of Sheikh Khader Adnan. Adnan was a former spokeman for Palastinian Islamic Jihad, a terror group responsible for deaths of scores of Israelis. If you want to see a list of their activites, click here. Adnan had been on an extended hunger strike—86 days—in an Israeli prison. Palestinian terror groups in Gaza launched a volley of missiles into Israel shortly after the announcement was made.

Between early Tuesday morning and early Wednesday morning, 104 rockets were fired from Gaza toward Israel. According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), most of the rockets—48—fell into fields, 24 were taken out by the Iron Dome, 11 fell into the sea, and 14 didn’t make it out of the Gaza Strip. Seven rockets fell in an undisclosed location.

The Iron Dome evidently suffered a “technical error” during the attacks and failed to intercept some missiles, resulting in the rockets landing in populated areas of Israel. The IDF is investigating the malfunction.

In response to the hostilities, the IDF struck several sites in Gaza linked to Hamas. Overnight, IDF planes and drones took out multiple sites used by the terrorist group; however, IDF footage shows those locations were in close proximity to hospitals, schools, and other residential areas—a common and sad tactic of Hamas, using their own citizens as human shields (very brave!). They appear to be far less concerned if their own people are collateral damage, as long as they get headlines. Israel had tanks and troops ready at the border but decided not to invade due to the successful ceasefire agreement negotiated by Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations early Wednesday morning.

“In response to the dozens of rockets launched at Israel from Gaza, the IDF struck weapon manufacturing sites, military compounds, and underground terrorist tunnels belonging to terrorist organizations,” the IDF posted on social media. “Terrorism anywhere is a threat to civilians everywhere.”

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