Five Ways Hitler Deceived a Nation

This is from a paper I wrote about how Hitler came to power. But it is particularly important as we see Russian soldiers commit genocide against a population they once considered brothers. How does a demagogue like Putin or Hitler get people to commit atrocities for them?

One of the most difficult tasks as a Jew is to put myself in the shoes of the German people. What if I was born in the year 1900 and not 1965. What if I was German and not Jewish? What if I had just seen my country suffer a most humiliating defeat in WWI, which led to years of recession? And what if I was constantly told, the Jew is my enemy?

Vladimir Putin's approval rating in Russia is a staggering 83%! That is up significantly from the beginning of the war when it was at 69%.[1] Do the Russian people support the genocide in Bucha (and other Ukrainian cities)?[2] I doubt it—but Putin has a massive propaganda machine. He has cut his people off from international broadcasting and social media. He has outlawed any negative reporting of his "special military operation" and feeds his people pro-Russia propaganda. Remind you of anyone?

With this in mind, let's assess how Hitler seized Germany.

1) Antisemitism was tolerate as an acceptable opinion?

Antisemitism was an acceptable position in the late 1800s.[3] While today we are horrified at events such as George Floyd's murder, not too long ago in America, whites routinely got away with the lynching of blacks. Racism and at least dinner party/country club antisemitism were very much accepted in the US during much of the 20th century. When my dad grew up, Jews could not join the Country Club of Virginia. I had mixed feelings when a donor took Elana and me to lunch there several years ago. The antisemitic tone of many in post-WWI Germany was not as horrifying to most people as when someone uses the same language today. Having some level of disdain for Jews was widespread in Europe. Verbalizing such hatred was simply not that big of a deal.

2) "The Jews want to hurt us."

Germans were made to fear the Jew. "From Hitler's perspective, a campaign against the Jews was an essential part of the war for Aryan survival and expansion."[4] Jews were out to get the German. They were the source of all wars. Hitler convinced Germany that the Jews both started WWI and then ended it, forcing Germany into a humiliated position with the Treaty of Versailles. Germany had to pay massive reparations and give up territory.

Former congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) was hammered when he once blamed the Jews for going to war in Iraq. "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this."[5] This has been thoroughly debunked, but it fits into a pattern of portraying the Jewish people, that hover around 15 million worldwide, as having unusual power over banks, media, militaries, and entertainment. Even some reading this probably believe that there is a secret Jewish cabal controlling world events. (if so, can someone tell me how to join?)

A well-known supposed prophet recently claimed that it was the Jew, George Soros, who put Zelensky in power in Ukraine (as opposed to winning an election), and the noble Putin is fighting against human trafficking in Ukraine. Hitler wrote in 1927 that the "Jew is and remains the world enemy and his weapon, Marxism, a plague of mankind."[6] Hitler accused the Jew of leading both communism and capitalism.

3) "The Jews are at war with Germany."

The name of Wilhelm Marr's (who coined the word: antisemitism) book was telling: The Victory Of Judaism Over Germanism. The reader begins the book with a diabolical assumption. This tactic was employed in Hitler's war against the Jews. By convincing Germans that Jews were the cause of the world's problems, he could set out to persecute and then eliminate them.

In 1933, Hitler declared an indefinite nationwide boycott against Jewish-owned businesses and all Jewish professional activities. Imagine a head of state declaring a boycott against a particular race of people. But it was the wording that sold it. Goebbels, his propaganda chief, wrote,

"Saturday, at the stroke of ten, the Jews will find out whom they've declared war on!"[7]

It was the Jews who declared war on Germany, not the Nazis on the Jews.

4) The Power of Propaganda

The brilliance of Adolf Hitler was his propaganda machine. It was Goebbels who is believed to have said,

"Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth."

It is not just lying but creating false narratives that brought Hitler to power. Probably the boldest move before becoming chancellor was after his attempted putsch (coupe) in 1923. After being arrested with his other co-conspirators, they were tried for high treason, "everyone pleads not guilty, Ludendorff (who would have been set in as dictator) is let off, and Hitler uses the trial to demonstrate his oratory skills. He says,

'If overthrowing this criminal government is high treason, then I am guilty. If wanting to restore German honor is high treason, I am guilty'…he uses this whole thing … to make himself seem like this hero." [8]

Hitler was a populist[9] who "appealed to many Germans, particularly the lower middle classes… Many of Hitler's early sympathizers were small merchants and craftsmen who felt threatened by Germany's Jewish businessmen."[10] Germans were humiliated after WWI and were looking for national validation. "Hitler pledged that once the Nazis came to power, he would restore 'the people's value in itself, the personal qualities present, and a healthy preservation drive' to draw the state and people back together as one." [11] They played on the German fears of losing their national identity. "The Nazis promised they would restore traditional German values and make Germany a great nation again when they came to power."[12]

5) "It's the economy, stupid"

That is the famous line from Clinton advisor James Carville that helped Bill Clinton win the presidency in 1992. In 1932, the German economy was crumbling—unemployment was at 30%. Inflation was out of control. People were starving. Hitler promised prosperity.


All these factors set the stage for Adolf Hitler to take power.

The Jews will continue to be hated and falsely accused until Yeshua returns. Still today, Jews are accused of lurking in the background of international politics, being puppet masters, and controlling banks and countries. Antisemitism is on the rise everywhere.

God said, "I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling" (Zech. 12:2). In Hebrew, it actually says poison cup. The idea is that those who come against Israel will assume they have defeated the Jew—but will, in fact, have drunk a poison potion that sends them reeling.

The prophets indicate that Yahweh will defend the Jewish people in the End Times, even in the midst of judgment (Zech 14:1-4). And then, after the second coming, Yeshua will judge the nations based on how they treated his physical brothers (Matt. 25:31ff).

You don't want to be on the wrong side of that history!



[3] For every Wilhelm Marr, whose life was a series of failures and disappointments, there was a Richard Wagner, Adolf Stoecker, Heinrich Class, or Karl Lueger, men of talent who knew worldly success. Antisemitism certainly attracted more than its share of cranks and rabble-rousers, but in Germany, Austria, and many other places it also appealed to university student elites, which could often be found in the vanguard of the political movement. Lindemann, Albert S.; Levy, Richard S.. Antisemitism (p. 124). OUP Oxford. Kindle Edition.

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