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First They Tried to Silence Shelanu, Now One for Israel! And This Time, Google Is In On It!

Our friends at ONE FOR ISRAEL are in the crosshairs of the Orthodox AND Google. Over the last several years, ONE FOR ISRAEL, an amazing Israeli ministry of Messianic Jews and Arab believers, has produced hundreds of high-quality, edgy looking evangelistic videos sharing the good news of Yeshua…and the Orthodox are evidently not happy with the results.

A few months ago, an Orthodox Jewish group filed a lawsuit against ONE FOR ISRAEL and Google claiming the ONE FOR ISRAEL videos, which are hosted on YouTube (Owned by Google), caused some family members to come to faith in Yeshua the Messiah.

Behind the scenes, Google has already settled with the Orthodox group privately—in exchange for them agreeing to consider removing their videos if ONE FOR ISRAEL loses the court battle.

Now, ONE FOR ISRAEL has discovered that the judge who will be hearing the case is a woman from the Orthodox community. They said they trust she will be objective in the case; however, they are “obviously concerned.”

Similar to the United States and the Bill of Rights, all Israelis are guaranteed freedom of religion and freedom of speech through what is known as Basic Law. Every citizen—Messianics, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Druze, and those of no faith—is granted these freedoms under our law.

However, unfortunately, that freedom is not always applied fairly in our society, as we learned in our fight for Shelanu to be on an Israeli cable channel. In the end, the Orthodox community (which is really only a small percentage of Israeli Jews) wielded enough power to get the government to pressure the private cable company to kick us off the air. They could not legally do it themselves, but they made the cable company, I assume, an offer they couldn’t refuse. Praise God, though! We were prepared, and within just a few hours, we were back up—online!

But now, this is what is scary—Google is involved. An American company is threatening Israeli freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It’s one thing to have an internal struggle between “tribes” in Israel. But to call in a Goliath from America—that threatens the free speech and freedom of religion for people everywhere.

ONE FOR ISRAEL is a group of Israeli Jewish and Arab believers who are not backing down from the fight. Like the apostles in the book of Acts—though the authorities may tell them to stop preaching about Yeshua, they say they won’t ever stop.

Let’s stand together with our brothers and sisters in this fight—to learn more about how to pray or support them financially with the legal fees, click here.

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