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Fatah fires official after settlers attend son’s wedding

What would have been a great example of true peace turned out to prove why it will be hard to strike a “peace” plan with the Palestinians: An official in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party was fired after it was discovered that four Jews attended his son’s wedding.

Radi Nasser, mayor of Deir Qaddis said he had no knowledge of the religious Jews being invited to the wedding and he even said he kicked them out when he discovered they were there! Palestinian media reported that the ultra-Orthodox Jews were settlers.

The Palestinian Education Ministry, where Nasser worked, said a special council will decide what steps will be taken against Nasser.

“This is a scathing violation of all of our national values and an affront to the position of every Palestinian,” it said in a statement.

Apparently, Palestinians who work with the settlers at a car garage near the settlement invited them. Pictures show the Jewish men dancing with other wedding guests, which sparked an outcry from Palestinians.

Participation of “terrorist settlers in Palestinian social events is a cowardly, condemnable, despicable and reprehensible act,” Fatah spokesman Osama Qawassmeh said.

Nasser maintains that the Jewish men were brought purposely in order to harm his and his son’s reputations. His extended family defended Nasser’s national positions and his actions on behalf of Palestinian society.

If this were Palestinians visiting a Jewish wedding, Israelis would herald it as a grand gesture. But the corrupt Palestinian authority has no interest in peace. Peace is not good for business. They traffic in violence and get rich steaking from the people. Arafat died a billionaire. And all his cronies in the Palestinian government have lined their pockets at the expense of the people they supposedly serve.

Just this week, my wife and I are in Jerusalem for a conference. A few years ago, I prayed for the knee of one of the Arab workers here. He was instantly healed. He is from Bethlehem, now a Palestinian Arab city. When he saw us, he upgraded our room and showed us his new baby. He is now the manager of the hotel. When I met him, he was cleaning rooms. He is a Muslim Palestinian managing a hotel in Jewish Jerusalem. He knows we are Israeli Jews and he is a Palestinian. But we love each other. Sadly, there are no Israelis working in Palestinian hotels.

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