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Extremist mosque in Houston now runs cub scout pack

The Cub Scouts are traditionally known to be a classic American organization that takes young boys on camping trips and nature expeditions while teaching them character development.

But according to some news reports, one cub den in Houston may not have such idyllic motives. The Al-Qasim Cub Scout troop was just officially chartered, under the Boy Scouts of America, by a mosque in Houston with a history of extremism and indoctrinating children.

The Shiite mosque, the Islamic Education Center (IEC) of Houston, opened its Cub Scouts pack on July 24. It is too early to know what they will be teaching, but in an unrelated event in March the organization featured children singing about being Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s soldiers: “We are your followers, we are your soldiers and together we can all be your power.”

The same mosque in 2014 held a conference in support of Khomeini and Iran’s current Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In a video, a teen promotes the Islamic Revolution in Iran and rails against U.S. policy in support of Israel. Members of the audience shout: “Away with the humiliation!” and “Allah is Great! [Iranian Islamic leader] Khamanei is our leader!”

The children celebrate the 7th-century Battle of Khaybar, in which Moslems attacked and destroyed the Jewish community in northern Arabia. IEC Houston is also affiliated with Sheikh Salman Khoja, a scholar at the Al Walaa Foundation which the Clarion Project has reported features extremist sheikhs and an academy in Michigan that supports Hezbollah.

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