Doing a "Good Deed"—Israeli Woman Gives a Kidney to a Boy from Gaza

Updated: Jul 16

Idit Harel Segal's grandfather survived the Holocaust. The main lesson out of that tragedy that he imparted to his granddaughter was the importance of leading a meaningful life.

"I wanted to do something big—and what is bigger than saving a life," Siegel recently told Zman Yisrael, the Hebrew language sister site of the Times of Israel.

Segal, who is 50, made up her mind that she would do a "good deed" by donating a kidney to a stranger in need. However, her husband, father, and other family members were extremely reluctant about her decision. Dash and then it got even more complicated when the next match on the recipient list was a Palestinian boy from Gaza. Segal and her family are all staunch right-wingers. Remember, in Israel, left-wing and right-wing primarily have to do with national security issues and not moral issues like in the US. Right-wingers in Israel are Pro-Israel, pro-defense, anti-land-for-peace deals, etc.

Segal was not deterred by her family's opposition, though. "I told myself, I'm a strong woman, and I'm going to do it. Something inside me felt like it was the right thing to do."

Segal and her husband, Yuval, live in the northern part of Israel in Eshbar. They have three children—a son, 23, a middle son, 15, and a daughter, 10. Yuval begged his wife not to have the surgery, according to Segal. But, on the other hand, her children supported her and tol