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Day 70— Israel in Crisis

Yeshua is getting a good reputation here in Israel and it’s because of you. When we moved to Ashkelon last March, it was not to start a humanitarian aid wing of our ministry. But then October 7 happened. We are starting to get a reputation as being good people who care about the State of Israel. Let me be clear: I don’t care at all about my reputation. My goal is to see God get glory. If people think that I’m a nice guy doing a good thing and they don’t understand that I was once a very bad guy doing very bad things, what good is it? I want to point them to the One who changed my life and yours.

I told Elana a few years ago when we started helping in the city I didn’t want my name on any monument (Israel is famous for putting names on anything that was donated… even benches)—I want the name Yeshua to be glorified. And I know you agree with me on this. So when people talk about what a great work we’re doing, I tell them that it is our donors who are followers of Yeshua sending in donations because they love Israel. I want us to have a good name here so we will have a platform to share his name here.

Below is a video from Noam’s brother. Noam is the young man you saw in a video about a month and a half ago asking for helmets. You rose to the occasion. It’s getting cold here in Israel and the rains are starting to come more frequently. It is a challenge being a soldier in Gaza in the cold, muddy atmosphere. Here is a note from Noam’s brother, Daniel:

A big warm hello to all our friends who support us in America and other nations. My friends and I were called up for reserves on the first day of the war and we have been away from our families for 10 weeks. Our unit is responsible for transporting fighters to the battle and evacuating the dead and wounded in combat zones under fire and traps. We never imagined that 2 ½ months later, we would still be here, but here we are. We are in desperate need of additional equipment such as coats, thermal underwear, and warm clothing, as the winter has come fast and we don’t have sufficient warm clothing. Shabbat Shalom, Am Yisrael Chai!

We need to raise $6000 for this unit. I cannot imagine being inside Gaza, where there is much destruction, and it is cold and wet. I know Daniel wants to finish his mission and get home to his family. But no one is giving up. The morale amongst the soldiers is super high. They want to defend their brothers and sisters who were murdered in cold blood on October 7.

We’re just a few hours from Shabbat, and I can hear the bombing outside my window. I’m gonna have a nice warm meal with Elana and friends. Daniel is going to be in cold, wet Gaza. But he’s not complaining. Let’s just make sure that we get them properly outfitted for the winter.

I want to tell you again: people here are blown away by your generosity. 

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Gerish Colesc
Gerish Colesc
Dec 17, 2023

I empathize & felt for the lost 🇮🇱 lives [of 3 hostages] Its a "hope deferred" that made our heart sick; then perhaps the three were longing to fulfill their dream of escape, for freedom to life with their love ones... It reminded me of Proverbs 13:12 "12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life. He who despises a word will suffer for it, but he who respects a command will be rewarded. The teaching of a wise man is a fountain of life, enabling one to avoid deadly traps." It is an accident and when things go wrong, most of us look for someone to blame especially the IDF who fired th…

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