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Day 61— Israel in Crisis

Updated: Dec 7, 2023


“This will be an unforgettable and deeply meaningful expression of love and solidarity to the people of Israel even as so many around the world are boldly and aggressively attacking her.” —Ron Cantor, co-host

Stand with Israel!

The people of Israel are devastated. In her 75-year history, she has never suffered more loss and destruction in one day. There are still 100 Israelis being held captive. Israel needs to know that Jesus' followers love her. "While taking my friend, Robby Dawkins, around Israel just to love on Israelis in shock from the Hamas attack on October 7th," says Ron Cantor, "we thought, 'Why not host a solidarity tour of believers from all of the world, where they can come and love on Israelis.'"

The deadline to sign up is December 24th. Please sign up ASAP, as space is limited. Just go to

Join Ron and Elana Cantor, Robby and Tatyana Dawkins, Troy and Leanna Brewer, and Paul and Luann Wilbur for an unforgettable experience where we will let Israel know that the Christian world loves her. We will tour the Holy Land for four days and serve Israelis on the other days.

Because Israel is empty of tourists, we have been upgraded to David's Citadel Hotel, the second most prestigious hotel in Jerusalem. We have not raised our normal price at all, but the accommodations will be amazing.

In addition to seeing some of the most significant places in Israel, we will have the opportunity to express God’s love and solidarity with the people of Israel. We are arranging cookouts with both survivors and soldiers. Paul Wilbur will play traditional Jewish songs at these events. We are working with other organizations to arrange meaningful opportunities to serve. This will be something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. The people of Israel need to know that we are standing with them.


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