Bibi’s Costly Mistake—Why this War is Different

Updated: May 17

How to break the curse that brought this conflict

Imagine if America had a political party called the American Power party. Imagine that it was openly racist towards all non-European based ethnicities, including Jews, because despite mostly coming from Europe, they are … well … Jews. This would be the preferred party of the Klan, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.

Well, Israel does have one party like that. They call themselves Otzma Yehudit (עוֹצְמָה יְהוּדִית) or Jewish Strength. If you had a party like that in the US it would never gain enough steam to elect anyone to national office (I hope!) because of the two-party system. However, in Israel we have a multi-party system. If you can get 3.25% (4 seats) of the vote, you can serve in the Knesset.

Fortunately, this racist party never gained enough votes to get seats in the Knesset. However, in 2019, seeking to remain in power, Prime Minister Netanyahu sought to get other right-wing parties to merge with Otzma Yehudit to form a combined list. Bibi is not a racist, but he is a brilliant political tactician