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BDS Fail: Dutch activist protests against Israel on Israeli-made scooter

Robert-Willem van Norren is a devoted activist in the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement who three times a week attends anti-Israel protests on Amsterdam’s Dam Square, waving Palestinian flags and posters that disparage Israel.

But in a poignant bit of irony, Van Norren arrives to the protest on his scooter, made specifically for his disability, that is made in Israel.

So much for boycotting Israeli made products.

Robert-Willem van Norren, an anti-Israel, BDS activist on his “Israeli made” scooter

A pro-Israel protestor made the discovery that the slick scooter, which is decorated with Palestinian flags and a sticker reading “free Palestine, boycott Israel,” is made in Israel. Michael Jacobs said his claim was confirmed by the importer of the Kalnoit mobility scooters to the Netherlands.

Let’s see if Mr. van Norren is willing to put his money where is scooter is and get rid of it. Of course, every BDS activist has a smart phone, and whether it is Samsung or Apple, you will find Israeli technology in both. Israeli researchers are making headway in stopping the spread of cancer. How many BDS activists who will one day suffer from the disease will refuse treatment? I could go on and on about the Pillcam, Instant Messaging or Waze—all from Israel.

The fact is that Mr. van Norren is not alone—virtually every passionate BDS, anti-Semite activist is benefiting from Israeli technology in some way—whether they know it or not. The only question is, when they find out, what will they do? Will they trash their iPhones and Galaxies? We will see.

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