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American Democrat calls Netanyahu a ‘racist’

Democrats keep proving U.S. President Donald Trump right for calling party members “anti-Israel” and “anti-Jewish.” On Sunday, Beto O’Rourke, former Texas congressman and Democrat presidential hopeful, called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “racist.”

“The U.S.-Israel relationship is one of the most important relationships that we have on the planet, and that relationship, if it is successful, must transcend partisanship in the United States, and it must be able to transcend a prime minister who is racist,” O’Rourke said.

O’Rourke made these remarks at a rally in response to a voter question about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“This is somebody who now no longer subscribes to a two-state solution and has vowed to annex the West Bank which will make peace, in the long term, impossible,” O’Rourke said. “This is someone who has joined far-right parties who are inherently racist in their speech and the way that they want to treat their fellow human beings in that part of the world. This is somebody who, in a previous election, warned Arabs were coming to the polls. It’s racism.”

To be clear, a two-state solution will never bring peace when the other side is led by terrorist sworn to your destruction. Bibi is not a racist, but he is a shrewd politician who will do what it takes—even siding with despicable people—to win. Beta O’Rouke is just repeating what he hears and doesn’t know the facts. Plus it is now all the rage on the left to bash Israel.

A White House spokesman said that all of the Democratic presidential candidates have failed to adequately condemn anti-Semitism. Not only have they not condemned it in strong enough terms, more and more they are embracing it. Sen. Ted Cruz, who beat O’Rourke in the last election, also noted the anti-Jewish sentiment on the left.

“This is today’s Democratic Party: Viciously attacking the duly elected leader of Israel & falsely labeling him a racist for defending the Jewish people,” he said on Twitter. “There was a time when support for Israel was rightly bipartisan. But then the Dems began courting the anti-Semitic Left.”

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