27 Things I Love About my Wife after 27 Years

Today I have been married 27 years, more than half my life, to an amazing woman. I read The Five Languages of Love many years back. My love language is words of encouragement. It is not gift-giving, even though I should probably get her some flowers. It is not physical touch, but hopefully this blog will open the door ;-). So let me use my love language to communicate to my wife, Elana, how amazing she is.

  1. She is the kindest person I know; ready to drop everything to help someone in need.

  2. After 27 years, she is still beautiful. I mean, really HOT! I think she is more beautiful today than the day we got married.

  3. She holds no grudges. You have to understand that in the Moroccan Israeli community, holding grudges is a cultural value. Yes, she can get hurt, like all of us, but she values relationships over grudges and moves on quickly. She felt bad for the man who nearly killed her last month, through his reckless driving.

  4. She loves her daughters and enjoys few things more than spending time with them.

  5. Elana embodies the phrase what would Yeshua do, as opposed to what would Yeshua say.

  6. For a time she visited prostitutes on the streets just to let them know they are loved. (She would still be doing it, but the city of Tel Aviv removed them.)

  7. She loves Israel and loves to share her country with others. Anyone who has ever been on one of our tours knows this. (It would be wrong for me to use this special blog to plug our next tour in April, right? So please don’t go to www.LivingStonesIsrael.com)

  8. She is an amazing cook and I come from a family of caterers. Everyone knows that my mother is an outstanding cook, but Elana’s Middle Cuisine of couscous, spicy Moroccan fish and more is the best!

  9. She is the best Israeli folk dancer. When I first met her she was traveling with Paul Wilbur and Israel’s Hope doing Israeli folk dancing. When dancing she exudes a joy that I have never seen. Not like singers with fake smiles, but someone experiencing true delight.