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2 Israeli Hostages Rescued During the Super Bowl!

While much of the world was watching the Super Bowl yesterday, Israeli special forces carried out a rescue mission, whereby two hostages were reunited with their families. In the southern city of Rafah in Gaza, two Israeli men, Fernando Marman, 61, and Louis Har, 70, were being held captive by Hamas terrorists.

Israeli Yamam officers carried out the daring mission just after 1:00AM Israel time Monday morning (6:00PM EST Sunday night). The Yaman unit is Israel’s National Counter-Terrorism Unit that specializes in hostage-rescue missions and other offensive raids against terrorists embedded amongst civilians.

On Saturday, October 7, both men were taken hostage from their homes at Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak when thousands of terrorists entered Israel. At 1:49 AM, this morning, the Yamam unit burst into the apartment, killing three terrorists instantly and successfully securing the freedom of Marman and Har.

To ensure their safe return, the Israeli Air Force unleashed a barrage of rocket fire against nearby buildings, where Hamas units were firing on IDF troops. It took them about an hour before they were able to exit the building with their precious cargo—two former hostages. Marman and Har were placed in an armored vehicle and driven to a safe area where a helicopter took them back to Israel. They are now at Sheba Hospital outside of Tel Aviv.

One soldier was slightly wounded, and Hamas is reporting over 100 Palestinian deaths—most, if not all, Hamas terrorists. Of course, their numbers can never be trusted. But if they are accurate, they could have prevented these deaths by simply returning our hostages earlier. They can still return the other 134 hostages, which include more than 30 corpses.

It is ironic that all those calling for a cease-fire are speaking to Israel. Why are American left-wing politicians and UN leaders not calling for Hamas to surrender? That is the most efficient way to save Palestinian lives. Why aren’t AOC, Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar calling on Hamas to free the hostages? If their chief concern is truly Palestinian lives, and not hatred of Israel, then they should be doing everything in their power to get Hamas (a terrorist organization that has brought untold agony to the Palestinian people) to surrender and release all Israeli hostages.

IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari (one of the most trusted voices in the country) said “Reaching the target in the heart of Rafah was very complex.” The soldiers “hugged and protected Louis and Fernando with their bodies.”

The reason for the airstrikes on neighboring buildings was because “(gunfire) was opened from nearby buildings,” against IDF forces. “The Air Force struck intensively there,” said Hagari.

Both hostages are in good condition. The IDF released photos and video of them being reunited with their loved ones. 

 “This is an operation,” said Hagari, “that we prepared for and were waiting for the conditions that would make it possible to carry it out.” They had been working on the plan “for a long time … It was a very tense and very touching night. Such an operation was made possible thanks to the great sacrifice of the standing army and reserve troops who fell and were injured in the battles. Without their sacrifice, we would not have reached this moment.”

Hagari continued, “Even this morning, we don’t forget for a moment that 134 hostages are still being held in Gaza. If you can hear me now, we are very determined to bring you home and we will not miss any opportunity to bring you home.”

This has been a grueling four months. What a joy to get some amazing news this morning. We must not forget the 134 others who are still in captivity. Many of them are under the ground with little air in difficult conditions. Let's agree together in prayer for more successful rescue missions.

Thank you!

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