Join Ron and Elana Dec. 4 - Dec 14 

for a life-changing Israel Experience

“My husband and I have traveled for the last 20 years all over the world. This trip surpassed every single trip. I have not stopped crying since I've been here. There is something special about this place. You can feel God's presence in a way that you cannot feel it anywhere else.” 

—Terri, Baton Rouge 

Join Ron and Elana Cantor

for their annual Israel Tour

A $100 deposit holds your place




Ron Cantor is a Israeli Messianic Jewish teacher and pastor, and his wife Elana is a native born Israeli. Together they have put together the most amazing Israel tour. In addition to everything you would find on another tour, you will get:

  • On-site teaching from Ron.

  • Learn about growing up in Israel from Elana (and her family!).

  • Worship with local Israeli believers.

  • Visit a Tel Aviv Messianic Congregation.

  • See some of the hidden gems that tourists never see.

  • Learn about the history of modern and ancient Israel.

  • You will laugh, cry and have a life-changing experience! 

  • And all kinds of amazing surprises. 

$3,599 — Full package from NYC

$2,499 — Just land package

(when you pay by check)


DAY 1 - Wednesday, Dec 4: THE JOURNEY BEGINS

Today you fly to Israel, Zion, the Promised Land. Get ready! It is going to be amazing!

DAY 2 - Thursday, Dec 5: WELCOME TO ISRAEL! 

Shalom! You will arrive in the Holy Land! Welcome to the re-birthed nation of Israel. Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel said that God would regather His people to this land, and now you are standing here! Ron and Elana will meet you at the airport and we’ll jump on our luxury, air-conditioned, WiFi-equipped coach. (You will be able to share photos and thoughts with your friends and family in real-time!) You will meet your licensed (and very smart) tour guide. Enjoy dinner at our beach hotel and relax with a walk in the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Overnight in Tel Aviv


We will tour Jaffa, the oldest port city in the world and learn about the Israel’s Declaration of Independence in Tel Aviv at the Museum of Independence. Then we will worship with Tiferet Yeshua congregation. Overnight in Tel Aviv.


DAY 4 - Shabbat, Dec 7 – Cliffs of Shefayim/Caesarea/Mount Carmel

​We will take a 10 minute hike to the stunning overlook of the Mediterranean Sea. This is one of those hidden gems that 99% of tourists never see. Then we’ll continue to Herod’s port city of Caesarea. Here Paul was imprisoned for two years and Peter immersed the first Gentiles in water. This was Israel’s most modern city when Yeshua was alive. We‘ll take a walk on the beach at the ancient Roman Aqueduct. 


Next, it is off to Mount Carmel, where Elijah called down fire from heaven. You'll have an amazing view into valley of Megiddo (Armageddon). ​Overnight in Sea of Galilee.


DAY 5 - Sunday, Dec 8: Upper Galilee/Water Immersions

Let’s take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee as we imagine Yeshua walking on the water and calming the sea. Here we will have morning devotions. 

Once we get to the other side of the sea, we will visit the ancient city of Magdala and see a synagogue in which Yeshua preached. Next, you’ll enjoy a "St. Peters fish" lunch and head to Yeshua's adopted hometown of Capernaum. We’ll end the day like Yeshua started His ministry, with baptisms in the Jordan River. Overnight in Galilee.

DAY 6 - Monday, Dec 9: Golan Heights 

We’ll start the day in the Hula Valley, where we will visit the Hula Valley Nature reserve. When the Jews returned to Israel in the 1800s, it was a malaria-filled swamp—now it is one of the most amazing places in Israel. We will enjoy a leisurely hike. Bring your zoom lens so you can see the water buffalos. Nearly 400 species of birds pass through the nature reserve every year—half a billion in total as they migrate. 

Then, we’ll head to the beautiful Tel Dan Nature Reserve for an easy hike next to the Dan River, where King Jeroboam tried to build a “second Jerusalem”. Next, we'll head to Caesarea Philippi. This is the place where Peter made his confession in Matthew 16 next to the infamous “Gates of Hell”.

We will take in the Golan Heights and tell you the story of her miraculous victory at the Valley of the Tears. Overnight in Galilee.


DAY 7 - Tuesday, Dec 10: Dead Sea/ Masada/Qumran/En Gedi

Masada was the last Jewish stronghold against the Romans in 70 CE. We’ll ascend Masada and see how the Jews lived on this mountain fortress, holding off the Romans. Elana will take those who want to take the cable car, while Ron will lead the others on a strenuous hike, that the Jewish rebels no doubt ascended. 

Then we’ll visit the hiding place of King David, En Gedi (one of Ron’s favorite spots!) where you will see gorgeous waterfalls, wildlife and more. David wrote many of the Psalms here. We’ll visit Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found—an amazing story!  And then take a dip (or float) in the Dead Sea—the lowest place on earth. 


Next, our dramatic arrival in Jerusalem. :-)


Overnight in Jerusalem.


DAY 8 - Wednesday, Dec 11: Mount of Olives

We’ll begin our day at the epic Mount of Olives, taking in the breathtaking view of the Old City and the site where Jesus will return. Ron will teach about the significance of the region in regards to the Second Coming. (You're going to be blown away!) We’ll travel down the Kidron Valley and proceed to the Garden of Gethsemane. 

Next, we’ll head to Mt. Zion and visit the Upper Room where we'll see the first Messianic synagogue building. From here, we’ll continue to the Western Wall, the most sacred site in Judaism. We’ll go back in time as we walk through Tunnel Tour (another favorite of Ron) on the same grounds that date to the time of Messiah. 

Then it is a quick walk to the Garden Tomb for the Lord’s Supper and a time of personal reflection.  

DAY 9 - Thursday, Dec 12:  Revive Israel, Yad Hashem

Asher Intrater is an apostolic leader in Israel. We will join him and his team at the Revive Israel for Prayer center for prayer, worship and teaching with local Israeli believers. People always tell me, this is the most meaningful day of the tour—worshipping with local believers. 

We will do lunch at Jerusalem's famous Shuk (outdoor market) and then visit Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust Museum.


DAY 10 - Friday, Dec 13: City of David, Southern Steps 

We’ll begin this morning in the Ir D’vid (City of David), at the Gihon Spring. We will learn of how the city was taken from the Jebusites by King David. We’ll walk through Hezekiah’s tunnel (an amazing experience—bring a small flashlight!), then proceed to the Southern Wall Excavations. Imagine coming with your sacrifice to the Temple. Here is where Peter preached his first sermon to 3,000 Jewish men, who were soon after immersed in the local mikvot (immersion tanks). The first Jewish-flavored mega Church! 


Next is one of the most amazing museums—the Friends of Zion, where stories of some of the greatest Christian Zionists are told. Bring tissues! We’ll end the day with a prayer walk on the wall of Jerusalem. Yes, you will be a true watchman on the wall (another favorite!).


Back at the hotel, we will have a farewell dinner, and exchange emails and Facebook addresses. Airport transfers.

DAY 11 - Saturday, Dec 14: Arrive home with a full and grateful heart. 

**Schedule in Israel is always subject to change**


Dec. 4 to 14, 2019

$2,499 (payment by check)

Land Package Only

$3,599 (payment by check)

Full Package

Price if you use credit card or Paypal

$2,569 Land Package and $3699 Full Package

Rates Include:

  1. Excellent four-star hotel accommodations Dec 5 through Dec 13.  

  2. Delicious Mediterranean breakfast and dinner buffets daily.

  3. Entrance fees to all scheduled sites.

  4. Transportation throughout the Land with experienced guides.

  5. Meeting and assistance at Ben Gurion airport on arrival and departure at Ben Gurion if you take our full package. 


Rates do not include: 

  1. Lunches Be prepared to spend between $8-$13 a day. Many skip lunch as the breakfast and dinner buffets are bountiful.

  2. MEDICAL Insurance (required!) If you need medical attention, you will need a credit card. Medical Travel Insurance is cheap and very smart!

  3. Tips and Gratuities, see below

  4. Anything that is not mentioned above.

Tips and Gratuities 

Tips: Will be $100 per person and will be collected on the very first night. When you eat in a restaurant, a tip of 10-15% is sufficient.

If you book your own flights, we will tell you exactly where and when to meet us at the airport. 

LAND PACKAGE Payment Schedule for check (add $70 to last payment if paying online)

-$100 non-refundable deposit due at registration

-$800 due on August 15, 2019

-$800 due on September 30, 2019

-$799 due on October 31, 2019 ($869 for online payment)

FULL PACKAGE Payment Schedule for check (add $100 to last payment if paying online)

-$100 non-refundable deposit due at registration

-$1200 due on August 15, 2019

-$1200 due on September 30, 2019

-$1099 due on October 31, 2019 ($1199 for online payment)


-Up until September 30, 2019, you can receive a full refund less the $100 deposit

-Beginning October 1, 2019, you can receive a refund but less the deposit and $500

-No refunds after October 31, 2019

**All check payments (except the deposit of $100) can be made payable to “UP TO ZION TOURS” and mailed to:

Send Checks to:


PO BOX 1288

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