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When Yeshua walked the streets of Jerusalem and around the Galilee 2,000 years ago, He often was moved by compassion when He saw the condition of the people. These were the hurting, the sick, the outcast, the marginalized. 

Today, our dear brother, Roni Rejwan and his team at Beit HaYeshua—the House of Salvation—are carrying on that work in Yeshua’s name on the streets of Jerusalem. 

Founded in 2004, Beit HaYeshua is on a mission to bring the good news to the addicted and the spiritually oppressed. Sadly, many of the immigrants from the former Soviet Union immigrate to Israel but can’t seem to settle into their new identity here and instead turn to alcohol, drugs and life on the streets to try to escape their pain.

Roni and his team in Jerusalem—along with Moti Cohen and the Tiferet Yeshua outreach in Tel Aviv—reach out to these men and women and come alongside them in their recovery and road to new life in Messiah.

Beit HaYeshua is not just a house of rehabilitation—it is a house of salvation. They are not just looking to help someone stop drinking and doing drugs; they want to help them become whole, in body, soul and spirit, through a life-changing relationship with Yeshua.

I went to see this amazing work at Beit HaYeshua a few months ago. There are people there with some powerful testimonies! Many of these former addicts are now being raised up as leaders in a congregation that is a part of the center.

Roni and his team are investing in these men and women. And we want to invest in the team at Beit HaYeshua in Jerusalem.

Your donation today can change a life for eternity. 

Please give to the CITIES OF ISRAEL campaign and consider becoming a monthly partner. 

We want to help Beit HaYeshua and other Messianic congregations and ministries finish the year strong and be equipped to launch into 2023.


Ron Cantor

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